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Clogged Gutters: Get Them Inspected And Cleaned Before Winter

Home with clogged rain gutters

With everything you have to deal with right now, can’t your gutters wait? How dirty could they be? And does it really matter? When winter’s coming, you could be headed for a nightmare if you don’t get your gutters professionally checked and cleaning.

Because there are things that can go wrong with gutters that you might not realize, the professional check is just as valuable as the cleaning.

While we don’t get a lot of snow or ice in this area, there’s always one or two winter weather events. And these can be especially hard on gutters.

Winter Weather And Gutters

What’s an ice dam? We don’t use the term around here as much as they do in some areas, but an ice dam is a beautiful and dangerous buildup of ice at the eaves of a sloped roof. This happens when the warmth inside a heated home or other building melts some snow or ice, but the water refreezes as it reaches the unheated eaves. The icicles that result are pretty and can even enhance the look of holiday lights, but all that water can damage your roof and other parts of your home as it melts. 

Your gutters are often to blame for ice dams. When gutters are clogged with debris and don’t drain, the water inside them freezes and builds up as more runs down, potentially getting under the shingles and into your home. This can cause water staining, leaks and even mold. Gutters can even be torn from the home by the weight of that water and ice. And it could have all been prevented by cleaning the gutters before the snow or ice event. 

Inspections Catch Problems

Part of any cleaning and inspection of the gutters is a check for stability. This includes making sure fasteners are intact and that the fascia board to which the fasteners are attached isn’t rotting or damaged by insects. 

Downspouts and diverters are also examined as part of a professional cleaning. Snow, ice and rain all run through these crucial pieces, so downspouts must be clean and clear, diverters must be positioned right for water flow away from your home and its foundation and everything must be properly connected.

Cleaning and inspecting your gutters yourself is a time-consuming and dangerous project that requires at least 2 hours, a good ladder, someone to “spot” or help you and some heavy gloves. If you aren’t experienced, you can get yourself into trouble. And rain, ice and snow that may be present can make everything slippery and treacherous.  

So rather than give up your day or weekend on gutter cleaning and risk personal injury and damage to your home, why not let our pros with heavy-duty, specialized equipment do the job? We can inspect all aspects of your home’s vital water drainage system and offer advice on quick and cost-effective repairs that can help make your system work better and last longer.

Maybe you could clean your gutters yourself. Maybe you have in the past. But it’s better, faster and simpler to get in the habit of contacting us for professional gutter cleaning – using the right tools and skills for excellence. Please contact us now to set up your appointment.

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