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10 Important Ways Replacing Your Windows And Doors Could Benefit You This Winter

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When cold air leaks into your home from outside, you pay big price: higher utility bills, additional strain on your HVAC system and that terrible feeling of not being comfortable in your own home. But new windows and doors can help make your home more secure and airtight than ever before.

Here are 10 very important ways that you will benefit this winter if you have your old, inefficient and failing windows and doors replaced with new ones:

1. Greater energy efficiency. You won’t be paying anymore to heat air that just seeps our or gets overcome by constant influxes of cold air from outside. And it’s a great feeling to know you’re saving money.

2. Fewer drafts. Drafts make your house feel like less of a home, but you can put a stop to many drafts with new windows and doors. Increased insulation, caulking and weatherstripping can get rid of the rest.

3. A lower carbon footprint. When your home is more efficient and less drafty, you use less energy and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. That means you’re protecting the environment while getting better comfort and function from your home.

4. Reduced maintenance. Modern replacement windows don’t need painting – or won’t need it for a while, depending on the type you choose. That means you’re free of scraping, painting and worrying.

5. Smoother operation. Replacement windows and doors are installed by professionals who ensure that they open, close and lock smoothly and easily – leaving you with no more backaches or sore hands from prying and pushing.

6. Easier cleaning. With many of today’s replacement windows, the panels tilt in for easier cleaning. That means you don’t have to go outside to clean and can complete both sides of the window from the comfort of inside your home.

7. Better looks. There’s no way around it: replacement windows and doors look better than the old ones. In fact, that reason alone is why some people choose replacements, and it’s a good one!

8. Better home value. Repairs and upgrades, including new doors and windows, can dramatically improve the resale value of your home. If that’s a concern for you, upgrade to show that you’ve cared for the place and kept it up to date.

9. Less noise. Today’s windows and doors are designed to let in less noise from the outside, meaning you can rest more comfortably and enjoy whatever noises you and your family choose to make inside.

10. Decreased fading. Carpets and upholstery can quickly fade from the sun, but modern windows often include UV protection that can help keep the furnishings of your home the color you want them to be for years to come.

If you’re convinced that better, smarter modern windows and doors are the next right step for you and your home, please contact us right away to schedule your consultation. We can make your home look and feel better with windows and doors that are better than ever before.

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